Los Angeles, California

November 15th - 17th, 2019


An Annual Affair

The Collective Experience

A first-time-ever event, The Women’s Filmmaking Collective will bring together a formidable group of female family filmmakers who shoot in new and emerging markets that range from family clients and personal art projects to creative narratives and commercial projects for independent brands. What unifies us is our love for the magic of video to make us feel, the spontaneity of run-and-gun filmmaking, and our unique integration of artistry and voice from our experience as still photographers. 


Schedule of Events

& Demos

For the full, updated Schedule, click the Schedule link above. Here are the workshops, talks, and demos that will be given, in addition to all of our easygoing, fun social events and meals.


Optional Free Beginners Workshop: Get Started With Video


Color Mastery: Quantitative and Qualitative


Beginning (OR) Advanced (2 groups) Editing Techniques


Regular income with Freelance Commercial Work

Music & Audio: Music Choices & In-Depth Audio Editing


Plus special family & commercial shoots for advanced & beginning filmmakers!




Los Angeles, California


Tickets include two nights in our accommodations, a luxurious home where the event is hosted, The Villa (door pictured below). It also includes two breakfasts, lunch, two socials, a shoot, and 5 learning sessions with leading instructors in the field.

When you create a film, ultimately, the subject isn’t what is seen, but what is felt.
— Emily Mitchell